Effective Leadership Guide ISO 9001

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Effective Leadership Guide:

Leadership is many things; this guide will help you understand and develop effective leadership in your business.



Effective Leadership Guide:

Effective Leadership:

A range of Leadership styles are reviewed in the context of how a particular approach may be appropriate to the prevailing circumstances and how the style of Leadership may evolve to match changing circumstances.

Effective Meetings:

Action to be taken before, during and after a meeting are summarised and placed into a sequence that should ensure that meetings are effective and contribute to the overall objectives of the organisation.

Resistance to Change:

People are creatures of habit and have a natural aversion to change. This guidance identifies the causes of resistance and how Leadership might overcome reluctance to achieve a Stakeholder “buy in” to proposed changes.

Organisational Structures:

The way in which an organisation is structured will affect the efficiency of the organisation in achieving their objectives. This guidance note will summarise structural models, span of control and communication network models, their advantages and disadvantages and models that may be best suited to any specific situation.


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