Process Mapping Guide ISO 45001

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Process Mapping Guide:

This Process Mapping Guide is a must, in this guide we show you how to map a process and teach you how to make your process more efficient and effective.



Process Mapping Guide:

Process Mapping:

ISO standards are all about process improvement. The purpose of process mapping is for an organisation or business to improve efficiency. Process mapping provides an insight into a process, helps teams to brainstorm ideas for process improvement, increases communication and provides process documentation. Process mapping will identify bottlenecks, repetition and delays.

Process mapping is not just a simple flow chart, you need to collect data and make the process speak to you. This guidance will show the steps to take, how to collect relevant data and how to make the process visible, written in such a way that you will have your process mapped and you will then be able to start work on improving it by driving continuous improvement.


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