Strategic Planning Guide ISO 27001

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Strategic Planning Guide:

The Strategic Planning Guide will help you understand your business risks and opportunities and turn them in the manageable strategic and planning.



Strategic Planning Guide:

Strategic Objectives and Planning (resources)

Whilst Business Objectives detail what is to be achieved, Strategic Objectives and Planning will detail how they will be achieved. This will include identifying all necessary resources, the quantity, quality, procurement and costs.

By now learners will have identified the context of the organisation, carried out a PESTLE analysis and produced a risk register. They will have also identified interested parties, their levels of interest and how you need to maintain communication. This information now needs to be used to produce Quality Objectives within an overall business plan.

The guidance will cover the main functional areas of a business, Marketing, Production / Service Delivery, People, Finance & Environment. It will cover the main features of each functional area and the need for objectives to meet with SMART criteria.

Clause 9 Performance evaluation.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI):

A successful KPI is one that contains a balance of measures covering both the efficiency and effectiveness of a process. This guidance note will illustrate the importance of listening to “the voice of the customer”, give methods of identifying factors that are critical to quality and the actions required to measure and monitor KPIs.


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